Colin took his first railway photographs in the early 1950s and over the years used a variety of equipment, mostly rollfilm, including Agfa Record and Ensign Selfix cameras, processing his own films and prints. Although Colin has always lived on ‘Southern’ territory, his railway interest was very wide and he travelled all over the country to photograph steam, including Scotland and Eire. Not one to take photographs in locomotive sheds, nearly all his pictures depict trains in action out on the line for which he was aided by various lineside photographic walking permits. Particularly noteworthy in his collection are his rare photographs of seasonal holiday trains and special excursions which have long since vanished from the railway scene. Colin, who still lives in Surrey, continues to enjoy some railway photography though he now confines himself to colour having given up black and white many years ago.

The collection is listed by where the photograph was taken and also by locomotive. Locomotives still displaying the SR numbers are indexed with 30000 added to the number.

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All the negatives are owned by Colin Hogg and made available to the Bluebell Railway Museum Archive.

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The table below gives the number of images in each category.

Southern Area672 Southern - West of Salisbury55
Bluebell33 Colonel Stephens32
London Area261 Isle of Wight4
Cuckoo Line4 Electric and Diesel24
Longmoor3 Shipping13
Midland Region2 Western Region12

Last updated 31 Aug 2014