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News from the Bluebell Railway 24 November 2011

Recreating the golden age of steam for passengers of all ages, the Bluebell Railway has a large collection of vintage locomotives, carriages, and equipment and holds many special events throughout the year.

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150th Anniversary of London Underground
Welcome to the Bluebell Railway's eNewsletter
Welcome from Chairman Roy Watts
Big Give Opportunity
Waste by Rail Update
Easyfundraising & Easysearch
Historic Photographs Now Online
Trustees Recognise Steam Crane
Fenchurch Fund Appeal
Trust AGM Meeting Scheduled
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Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park To Kingscote In 4 Minutes
Sheffield Park to Kingscote in four Minutes by Martin Lawrence

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A trip in Birdcage Brake No.3363 behind C class No.592
A trip in Birdcage Brake No.3363 behind C class No.592 by Martin Lawrence

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The Bluebell Railway, by Nicholas Williams of Fun O Vision Films

The Bluebell Railway, by Nicholas Williams of Fun O Vision Films 

"Sussex by the Sea" performed
by the Bluebell Railway Band
Southern Steam's: The Bluebell Line before and after closure
The Bluebell Line before and after closure. This channel is a must view
for Southern enthusiasts!

Plans Developing to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of London Underground


2013 is the 150th anniversary of the opening of the first section of the Metropolitan Railway, the world's first underground railway.

As part of the celebrations, it is hoped that the Bluebell Railway's 19th century Metropolitan Railway carriages will play their part, just as they did back in 1963.

Plans for the celebrations are still tentative, and details will be released once they are agreed on by all parties.  


The photo below (courtesy of Paul Pettitt) shows the carriages behind Metropolitan Railway locomotive No.1, which visited the Bluebell for the re-launch of the "Chesham Set" (as the coaches had become known) after their overhaul had been completed, in 2007.  


Chesham Set








Welcome to the First issue of Bluebell Railway's eNewsletter


The Bluebell Railway eNewsletter offers our valued volunteers and supporters a convenient way to get news about your favorite preservation railway, as well as gift, sales, volunteering, and fundraising opportunities! 


Please forward to your friends and colleagues--just click on any "forward to a friend" link--and encourage them to sign up to receive more issues by clicking on the "Join Our Mailing List" link on the left. (And, yes, our eNewsletter has a "safe unsubscribe" function!)


Here's some opportunities on the same line, just for starters ... 

And through this newsletter, enjoy photos and video taken by our friends and supporters!
Bluebell Railway Appeal - updated Nov 2011
Bluebell Railway Appeal (Nov 2011)

Welcome from Chairman Roy Watts  


Welcome to this first edition of the Bluebell Railway eNewsletter.  


In this day and age there is an expectation that news as well as appeals are made readily and quickly available to members, literally at the click of a few buttons.

This is a first step on that journey and a good learning curve that may lead to other forms of communication by e-mail. Perhaps a Bluebell app for your smartphone next?

Please do let the editorial team know your feedback, and I look forward to the success and growth of this newsletter.

Roy Watts, Chairman of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society


The Big Give Christmas Challenge Set for December 


Can YOU help? This is advance notice of a 30k matched earning opportunity plus Gift Aid!


Please donate ONLY between December 5 to 9 in order to gain a matched 30k for the Bluebell!


We are asking for online donations ONLY to The Big Give 2011 Christmas Challenge. The web link will be posted in next issue Bluebell eNewsletter, due out prior to the commencement of The Big Give.


Thank you, as ever, for all your support! 


Update: NEP Imberhorne Tip Waste by Rail


The most recent phase of Waste by Rail (WBR4) comprising 25 trains has been completed with a total of 25,415 tonnes removed.    


As I am always reminded by Chris White it is volume not weight that is important, and I can confirm that each day the wagons left the site with a full load. The change of receiving site from Stewartby in Bedfordshire to Appleford in Oxfordshire went smoothly.    


Phase 5 of Waste by Rail commenced November 14 for a further three weeks. 
A further 5,119 tonnes of waste has been removed in the first full week and 3,000 more (approximately) to Wednesday this week, bringing the total to in excess of 80,000 tonnes.  


By Nigel Longdon  

Bluebell Cutting Update 112411
Photo by Stephen Fairweather



Easyfundraising & Easysearch Initiative  


A great, convenient fundraising initiative, sign up at zero cost and donate to Bluebell Railway for no personal outlay!

Both are portal sites through which you conduct your normal online activity. Easysearch is a search engine, and each search raises money!

Easyfundraising offers special prices on purchases and services. Discounts, arranged by Easyfundraising, not otherwise available to individuals, become donations to Bluebell Railway!


More than 5,000 has been earned by 252 people already!  Imagine if half of Bluebell's 10,000+ members signed up to these services!


A Trove of Historic Photographs Now Online! 

The enterprising Bluebell Railway Museum Archive offers the rare opportunity to preview and purchase online new prints from two revered collections comprising many thousands of photographs taken during the "Age of Steam," by John J Smith and Colin Hogg.


Click on the links below to view the photos, indexed by area. It's an outstanding resource for enthusiasts, and profits from sales support the work of Bluebell Museum and Archive. Please spread the word! 


Trustees Recognise Bluebell Steam Crane 


The Bluebell Railway Trustees recently recognised that the 45-ton Ransome Rapier steam breakdown crane--out of service and out of sight for more than a decade--has a rightful place in Bluebell Collection as a historic artifact. The crane arrived on Bluebell metals in 1981, and worked from 1985 to 1992.

The Board agrees to a privately-funded restoration as a well-presented and mobile static exhibit, along with a survey regarding restoration to working order.  It was also recognised that a crane restored to full working order will be a useful operational addition to our railway!

The next "Bluebell News" magazine delivered to BRPS Members is expected to contain photographs and a brief description of its journey by road from Manchester to Sheffield Park in 1981, and the work it performed around the Railway 1985 - 1992.

Your donations to the Bluebell Railway Trust and restricted to the "Steam Crane" can be made at any time--a link to the Trust to be found here. (Please prioritise the Extension project!)

By Neil Cameron
Steam Crane photosurvey October 1 2011
Steam Crane photosurvey Oct. 1, 2011



Fenchurch Fund Appeal for Old Model Trains


Do you have any old model trains to donate? Clive Emsley is collecting on behalf of the Fenchurch fund, please e-mail him



Trust AGM Meeting Scheduled


The next Annual General Meeting of the Bluebell Railway Trust will be held on Saturday 19 May, 2012 at Oakmeeds Community College, Burgess Hill, Sussex.


The meeting will start at 7 p.m. During the meeting there will be the election of three Trustees and one Society representative to the Trust.  



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John Walls
Trustee, Bluebell Railway Preservation Society