Goods Yard   Matthew Cousins' artistic impression of the finished yard showing (clockwise) the weigh office, coal staithes, coal merchants' office, loading gauge, goods lock-up, cattle pens and working ex-Singleton yard crane.

The weigh office will contain a museum to interpret the role of goods at a country station. Other displays will be included in the goods lock-up.

Kingscote Goods Yard.

It is planned that the Goods Yard area at Kingscote will be converted to recreate a typical station Goods Yard from the 1950s. See image above.

Summer 2016 update

Les Haines has written an article about the Goods Yard project for the Summer 2016 Friends of Kingscote Newsletter. A copy is available here.

The Goods Shed

During 2015 the Friends of Kingscote completed a total overhaul of the Kingscote Goods Shed. This work took 9 months to complete and cost £3000. Although much of the external timber was in good order, having been protected by many layers of paint, ten of the twelve roof joists needed to be replaced. The zinc panels on the roof were found to be life expired but the cost of using zinc replacements was prohibitive. As the roof cannot be seen from the ground coated steel sheeting was used on the roof with zinc flashings to resemble the original apperance.   Goods Shed

The newly restored Goods Shed
  Working in Shed

Acroprops support the roof during refurbishment

The Kingscote Goods Shed was originally sited at Horsted Keynes. It is believed that it was built in 1890 when Goods facilities were provided along the line. It was extended to its current size in about 1920.

The Cattle Pens

Cattle Pen Cattle Pen Cattle Pen

During 2012 the cattle pens were built on the dock. It is envisaged that this will be followed by the construction of two LB&SCR style buildings for use as a Coal Office and a museum/workshop. Some buildings currently occupying the site will be removed. Coal staithes will be built and the ex-Singleton yard crane installed. The crane will be used to demonstrate loading and un-loading wagons.

The labour and materials to build the cattle pens was provided free of charge by Mears Ltd under their Corporate Social Responsibility scheme.

The two pictures below show the area as it was in August 2008.

KC001 KC002

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